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Commission Artwork
 by Virgil C. Stephens-Pencil Art

 If you would like to contact me regarding any commissioned piece of art that you would like, please do so at the following phone number Cell (602)402-4025 or alternate # is (505) 750-7141 phone number (this phone number is a google voice phone number. It's a bit different than a normal phone call, so be patient, follow the instructions when making a call or leave me a message and it will show up in our email.  Please leave your return phone number so I can get back with you)
If in me with your questions.  The one thing about commissioned art is that you get an original that is personal, i.e.. whatever it is, we can discuss preserving what you cherish most for future generations and all to see.  Commissions are time sensitive.  Please allow time for me to discuss, create and complete your art. I allot time during the year for commissioned art, however, I am always working on a commission or two and an early start, even if it is a discussion for future reference, will assist in producing the highest quality art.

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