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Gorilla playing the drums, music artwork, drums artwork
Bernard, gorilla playing the drums by Virgil Stephens
"Bernard" $1600.00
18" x 18" x 1 1/2" Original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas
This original does not need to be framed

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Bernard, gorilla playing the drums           Bernard, gorilla playing the drums

Framed example only... this artwork does not come framed
Being an artist and a musician, it is easy for me to come up with ideas putting the two together.  I am just as much a conservationist as the next person, in that I also don't want to see the demise of any animals either, and am all for protecting them from extinction.  So, this is my effort to shed some light on this effort in the form of what I call, "The Endangered Speicies and Friends All Star Band"  I've got the basic band started as a quartet and will be adding to it, down the road, to form a full-blown orchestra!  The list is based on the WWF's list of endangered species, with a few on the protected list thrown in.  I picked their names based on some of my favorite muscians: Jimi Hendrix, Larry Graham, Grover Washington, and Bernard Purdie.  Virgil
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